'Artes poeticae: Formations and Transformations, 1500-1700'

ed. Vladimir Brljak and Micha Lazarus, special issue of Classical Receptions Journal (forthcoming c. 2020)


Gathers ambitious new work on the poetics and literary criticism of sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century England, France, Italy, and Latin America, featuring contributions by Bryan Brazeau, James Hall, Michael Hetherington, Aaron Kachuck, Lucy Rayfield, Chris Stamatakis, Maya Feile Tomes, and Ted Tregear. More here.

Poetics before Modernity: Literary Theory in the West from Antiquity to 1700

ed. Vladimir Brljak and Micha Lazarus (Oxford University Press, forthcoming c. 2021)


Redraws the map of premodern poetic thought across traditional historical and disciplinary boundaries, featuring chapters by some of the leading scholars in the field: Gavin Alexander, Colin Burrow, Rita Copeland, Kathy H. Eden, Roland Greene, Beatrice Gründler, Stephen Halliwell, Philip Hardie, Andrew Laird, Peter T. Struck, Eric Weiskott, and Jon Whitman. More here.