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Presenters confirmed for PBMC2017

We are delighted to announce the presenters and titles for Poetics before Modernity Conference 2017, taking place at CRASSH on 14-15 December! These are (in alphabetical order):

'"La Regina de' Stellanti Giri": Prose Epic and Heroic Style in Lucrezia Marinella's Vita di Maria Vergine'

Bryan Brazeau (Warwick)

'The Ends of Biblical Epic'

Anna Goetz Boemler (Northwestern)

'The Enchanted Palace: Form and Content in Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso'

Patrick Gray (Durham)

'"What's Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba, / That he should weep for her?": Aristotle's Poetics and the Early Modern Debate over Emotional Involvement'

James Hall (Southampton)

‘“Non per instituir altri?” Attitudes to Rule-Following in Sixteenth-Century Poetics

Michael Hetherington (Oxford)

'Exit Pursued by Horace, or, Ursine Poetics in the Classical Tradition and Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale'

Aaron Kachuck (Cambridge)

'Poetics before the Reformation: The Case of Stephen Hawes'

Conor Leahy (Cambridge)

'Pity instead of Fellow-Feeling: On the Relationship between Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean and Poetics 13'

Nicolas Lema Habash (Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne)

'Lights and Shadows of Late Sixteenth-Century Spanish Poetics'

Irene Rodríguez Cachón (Loyola Andalucía)

'Falsehoods that Resemble the Truth: The Limits of Mimesis and the Beginnings of Allegory in Early Greece'

Rasmus Sevelsted (Cambridge)

'"Exiled Poesie": Critical Responses to Dramatic Art, 1642-1665'

Jitka Štollová (Cambridge)

'Marvels and Commonplaces in the Elizabethan Anthologies'

Ted Tregear (Cambridge)

'The Poetics of Sacred Time: Biblical Chronology and Literary History'

Bronwyn Wallace (York)

'Medieval Poetics of Ekphrasis'

Lydia Yaitsky Kertz (Columbia)

This will be a closed conference with precirculated papers, aimed at the publication of an edited volume or special issue, but we will be sharing information on the event here and the conference website at CRASSH.

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