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Panels accepted at Scientiae 2020

We're delighted to announce that two panels on 'Poetics among the Disciplines' that we proposed to Scientiae have now been accepted for presentation at the Amsterdam conference!

Gathering scholars working on all aspects of c.1400-1700 intellectual history, the Scientiae conference is the ideal venue for a conversation about where knowledge about imaginative literature fits into the period’s disciplinary map, and how the key developments in the sphere of poetics and literary criticism in this period relate to those in other fields and disciplines. The panels gather new work on the subject extending across the full chronological range covered by the conference, and exploring links between the period’s poetic theory and relevant developments in historiography, the history of emotions, logic, medicine, optics, philosophy, psychology, rhetoric, scriptural hermeneutics, technology, and theology.

'Poetics among the Disciplines I'

  • Bryan Brazeau (Warwick), 'God’s Grandchildren: Augustinian Theology and the Poetics of Torquato Tasso'

  • Francesco Brenna (Towson), ‘When Poetry Seems to Vanish: The Place of Poetry within Human Learning in Girolamo Fracastoro’

  • Michael Hetherington (Oxford), ‘The Poet as Man of Parts’

'Poetics among the Disciplines II'

  • Lucy Rayfield (Bristol/Oxford/Warwick), ‘Poetics, Joy, and the Emotions in Sixteenth-Century France’

  • Hannah Bower (Cambridge), 'Impossible Transformations and Intertextual Puzzles: Rethinking Fifteenth-Century Trick Recipes'

  • Ali Madani (Brown/John Hay Library), 'Britain’s Literary-Historical Giants'

  • Elizabeth Swann (Durham), '"An art to make dust”: Thomas Browne’s Medical-Temporal Poetics'

Convenors for Poetics before Modernity: Bryan Brazeau (, Vladimir Brljak (, and Micha Lazarus (



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